Featured Map for 29 August 2016:
Southwest Airlines 3472 Engine Failure


Saturday morning (27 August 2016), Southwest Airlines flight 3472 from New Orléans to Orlando suffered a failure involving the #1 engine while climbing above 31,700 feet on its way to a cruise altitude of 39,000 feet. Debris from the failure punctured the fuselage resulting in depressurization; the flight declared an emergency and diverted to Pensacola. None of the 99 passengers and five crew were injured.

The Aviation Herald reported that the NTSB initially described the failure as an "uncontained engine failure" though photographs appear to show an intact fan and spinner with the inlet portion of the nacelle missing, which suggests something other than an uncontained engine failure. The failure took place over the Gulf of México so debris recovery may be troublesome but hopefully the remaining portions of the engine and nacelle will provide sufficient evidence.

Today's Featured Map shows the direct path along with the more northerly path taken by the flight up to and after the accident.

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