Featured Map for 27 July 2016:
Dan's Mid-Year Travel Check


Many Great Circle Mapper users keep logs of their flying (and of course like to map their flying), whether just for fun or to keep track of progress towards elite status on their preferred airline. Or both!

Today's Featured Map shows the mid-year travel check for Great Circle Mapper fan and user Dan. His flying for the first half of the year inclluded 63 flight segments covering 100,564 miles, an average of 1,596 miles per segment. Highlights included three new airlines (Air Canada, Horizon Air, and Virgin Australia), six new airports (Brisbane, Buenos Aires (Ezeiza), Kailua/Kona, Santiago, Santa Rosa, Sydney, and Fayetteville), and his first tag flight (EZE-SCL, on Air Canada).

(A tag flight is a continuation of an international flight, or the prelimnary segment of an international flight, where neither end of the flight is within the carrier's home country. Typically a tag would be operated under Fifth Freedom Rights, i.e., between two other countries. In this case, AC 92 flies YYZ-SCL-EZE and AC 93 returns EZE-SCL-YYZ; Dan flew the EZE-SCL tag of AC 93 but did not continue on to Toronto.)

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