Featured Map for 26 November 2015:
Concorde's Swan Song


The last Concorde flight occurred a dozen years ago today, a 90-minute flight by G-BOAF southwest from London Heathrow to the Bay of Biscay, including a supersonic sprint, followed by a return to Bristol Filton Airport. The last Concorde built, Concorde 216 had made its maiden flight (registered G-BFKX) from Filton about 24 years earlier.

Built on speculation of possible sale to Singapore Airlines or to British Caledonian rather than to a specific customer order, the aircraft was re-registered G-N94AF in anticipation of sale to British Airways with short-term "sale"/lease to Braniff International Airways for subsonic flights from Washington Dulles to Dallas-Fort Worth with US registraton N94AF before regaining its British registration and returning to London. Prior to delivery, the arrangement with Braniff was cancelled and the aircraft was again re-registered as G-BOAF.

Today's Featured Map approximates the final Concorde flight. The grace and beauty of Concorde is but one of many things for which to give thanks on this day.

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