Featured Map for 1 August 2015:
New Service by Alaska from Oregon (and Seattle)


Alaska Airlines On Thursday, Alaska Airlines announced new service, operated once daily in Embraer 175 aircraft by SkyWest Airlines, from Portland International Airport to Kansas City, Minneapolis, and Omaha. All flights are planned to start 18 February 2016 except for OMA-PDX which will start the next morning after a red-eye PDX-OMA.

These new routes are in addition to new flying from Seattle to Milwaukee and to Oklahoma City and from Portland to St. Louis, which started on 1 July 2015, and from Portland to Austin and Eugene to San Josť, California, announced on 1 June 2015 with a start on 5 November 2015. All of these new services are also to be operated by SkyWest using Embraer 175 aircraft with the exception of EUG-SJC, which will be flown by Alaska Airlines-subsidiary Horizon Air using Bombardier Q400 aircraft.

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