Featured Map for 10 July 2015:
The Whale and Heart


The Whale and Heart If you think The Whale and Heart sounds like the name of an out-of-this-world place to have a cold one, you're right, thought it might be a little colder than you'd like at -223 C (-369F) on a warm day—below the freezing point of nitrogen! A hot toddy or just some hot coffee might be a better libation to celebrate arrival after the 9.5-year journey.

"Whale" and "Heart" are the names of two features on Pluto revealed in the past few days by imagery from NASA's New Horizons mission. Today's Featured Map highlights these features in a view centered on the approximate closest approach (C/A) point of the New Horizons flyby which will occur next Tuesday at 7:49:57 am EDT.

Much-higher resolution data should become available after the flyby (including imagery of the southern hemisphere which is currently missing) and the Great Circle Mapper's maps of Pluto will be updated accordingly.

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