Featured Map for 7 July 2015:
Hail, N664US! Welcome Back, N671US!


Delta's Summer 747 Flying, the Featured Map several weeks ago, covered the summer flying by Delta's active fleet of 13 Boeing 747-400s. It turns that one of those 747s, N664US (SN 23819 / LN 721) Spirit of Beijing, sustained substantial hail damage five days earlier near Jilin, China while operating DL 159 from Detroit to Seoul. The aircraft is still grounded in Seoul and given its age (over 26 years) and the extent of the damage it is likely that it will be scrapped.

11 days later, Delta flew ten-year newer 747-400 that had been stored at Marana to Minneapolis-St. Paul. After several days, N671US (SN 26477 / LN 1206) was ferried to JFK where it returned to service on DL 48 to Amsterdam. Returning to Atlanta as DL 73, an indication of a fire in an aft cargo caused a diversion to Shannon. No evidence of a fire was found and the aircraft continued to Atlanta the next day.

Today's Featured Map shows the final flights of N664US (red), various ferry flights of N671US (grey), and the first few revenue flights of N671US after its return to service (dark blue).

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