Featured Map for 7 June 2015:
20 Years of Boeing 777 Service


Twenty years ago today, the Boeing 777 entered commercial service, with three aircraft operating eight United Airlines flights:

United: The Magnificent Sevens UA 921 was the first 777 departure with revenue passengers, from London Heathrow, but while it was in the air over the Atlantic, UA 910 completed its short flight from Denver to Chicago with a full load of passengers (including myself and several friends). UA 303 was a first-day only flight; the other eight flights were the initial three-day rotation for United's 777s with an overnight maintenance visit to Denver every third night.

Today's Featured Map shows the path of these first 777 revenue fligts.

Through the end of last month, Boeing has delivered 1,304 examples of the 777 (including those first three to United), with an additional 548 aircraft on order. If all of those ordered aircraft are delivered, 777 deliveries will pass the 727, lagging behind only the 737. Boeing has delivered more examples of the 747 (1,508) but with only 32 more on order the 777 will soon pass the 747.

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