Featured Map for 14 February 2015:
American Airlines' 777-300ER Routes


Two days ago, the Featured Map was about American Airlines' First 787 Dreamliner Routes. American also has another new long-haul aircraft in the fleet: Boeing's 777-300ER. Compared to the 787, American's 777-300ER fleet is flying a relatively unremarkable set of heavily travelled, long-haul routes. The core is twice-daily flights on the world's busiest intercontinental route, between New York (JFK) and London Heathrow. Heathrow also features 777-300ER service to Los Angeles, while a third trip from JFK to São Paulo continues to American's primary hub at Dallas-Fort Worth.

In addition to the routes promoted by American on their 777-300ER page, the aircraft are also flying London to São Paulo via Miami, and also between DFW and Hong Kong.

As this map is being posted, American's 17th and newest 777-300ER (N733AR) is flying its second revenue flight, AA 962 GRU-DFW, and will continue on to Hong Kong later in the day.

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