Featured Map for 13 October 2014:
Extended Love Fest


Today marks the end of the Wright Amendment, a 1979 amendment to the International Air Transportation Act of 1979 sponsored by Jim Wright, then a congressman from Fort Worth. The amendment restricted air traffic from Dallas Love Field for aircraft seating more than 56 passengers to Texas and the four neighboring states, with subsequent modifications allowing service to Alabama, Kansas, and Mississippi in 1997, then Missouri in 2005. The Wright Amendment was repealed entirely on 13 October 2006, with an effective date eight years later: today.

The repeal of the Wright Amendment is a big event for Southwest Airlines. Today's Featured Map shows (grey) the 16 cities served from Love Field by Southwest just before the repeal of the Wright Amendment became effective. Seven new non-stop destinations, beyond the Wright limits, will be added today (red). Southwest will add eight more non-stop destinations on 2 November 2014 (blue), along with increased frequencies on some existing routes. Two more non-stop destinations will be added on 6 January 2015 (gold), more than doubling the number of non-stop destinations to 33.

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