Featured Map for 13 September 2014:
Great Circle Mapper Reaches Voting Age!


The Great Circle Mapper turns 18 years old today, old enough to vote in the United States per the 26th Amendment if web sites had suffrage. (That they don't is probably a good thing, but if you are a US voter see Electoral Vote for state-by-state maps of projections for the next US election.)

In those 18 years, over 350 million maps have been generated, slightly more than half by the rewritten site which debuted 4.5-years ago in January 2010. The original software, which has changed little in 18 years, continues to serve legacy links.

In the first eight months of 2014, gcmap.com served over 30 million maps to users from 230 countries. Today's Featured Map is a top-down view of where those map requests came from. Latitude and longitude data was derived from geocoding of IP addresses using hostip.info, a relatively coarse (and not always reliable) estimate of locations. The map was pre-generated due to the large number of points and limits on URL lengths.

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