Featured Map for 3 June 2014:
New US Landing Facilities


Planned updates to key aviation data occurs on a fixed, 28-day cycle known as an Aeronautial Information Regulation And Control (AIRAC) cycle. Some countries, including the United States, use a 56-day double AIRAC cycle. Updates are distributed well in advance of the cycle's effective date to allow time for systems to be updated with the new data before it takes effect.

Last Thursday was the effective date of a new, 56-day data cycle for the FAA. This cycle included the addition of 27 new landing facilities, shown on today's Featured Map, including 17 new airports (green) and ten new heliports (red).

One of the new airports is Springerville Municipal Airport in Arizona, which has the FAA Location ID (LID) JTC. You'll probably end up in Brazil if you book an airline ticket to JTC because airline ticketing normally uses IATA codes. IATA and FAA codes which look the same don't always refer to the same location. To IATA, JTC means Moussa Nakhl Tobias State Airport, located in Arealva and serving the nearby city of Bauru, both in the Brazilian state of São Paulo. The following entries in the Great Circle Mapper's FAQ offer more information about these differences and how to get the meaning you want:

New Airports:

Orangeburg [4 Holes Field], SC, US (44SC)
Daphne [Treeo Airport], AL, US (4AL3)
Hookerton [Chase Field], NC, US (58NR)
Hastings [Father's Love Airport], PA, US (61PA)
Caldwell [Hoskins Field], ID, US (63ID)
Pinckard [Liberty Field], AL, US (7AL5)
Franklin [Cummings Farms Airfield], KY, US (8KY3)
Richmond [Saunders Field], VA, US (9VA6)
Colt [Delta Regional], AR, US (DRP)
Springerville [Muni], AZ, US (JTC)
Hessmer [Detel Airport], LA, US (LA50)
Lockwood [Coose Field], MO, US (MO95)
Lawsonville [Heavenly Acres Airport], NC, US (NR94)
Beeville [Terminal D Ranch Airport], TX, US (TE58)
Mirando City [Jacalon Ranch Airport], TX, US (TE89)
Colbert [Sunshine Acres Airport], WA, US (WA21)
Mule Creek Junction [Robbers Roost Ranch Airport], WY, US (WY44)

New Heliports:

Temecula [Blackwater Heliport], CA, US (35TT)
Miami [Miami Seaquarium Heliport], FL, US (3FL5)
South Williamson [Williamson ARH Hospital Heliport], KY, US (3KY6)
Oakland Township [Six C'S Heliport], MI, US (52MI)
Sparta [St. Mary's Hospital - Franciscan-Skemp Heliport], WI, US (77WI)
Haines [35 Mile Lodge Heliport], AK, US (AA35)
Orlando [Heli-Partners I-Drive Heliport], FL, US (FL76)
Alpena [Alpena General Hospital Heliport], MI, US (MI62)
Escondido [Palomar Medical Center Heliport], CA, US (PA90)
Sequim [Fort Discovery Heliport], WA, US (WA60)


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