Featured Map for 6 April 2013:
Worcester, JetBlue's 80th City


On Wednesday, JetBlue announced the addition of its 80th city: Worcester, Massachusetts, with daily service to Fort Lauderdale and Orlando using Embraer 190 aircraft starting 7 November 2013. JetBlue also announced new service between existing JetBlue cities Chicago (O'Hare) and San Juan, Puerto Rico, starting 20 November 2013.

Today's Featured Map shows the cities in JetBlue's network, with larger discs for cities with more weekly departures. Blue discs mark cities served using the Airbus A320, green discs indicate cities served only with the Embraer 190 (except Worcester is red), and green rings indicate the Embraer portion of cities served with both aircraft types. Grey discs mark three seasonal destinations: Anchorage, Nantucket, and Martha's Vineyard. (Data for this map was provided by JetBlue.)

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