Featured Map for 23 March 2013:
FAA to Close 149 Federal Contract Towers


The FAA announced yesterday that 149 federal contract towers (FCTs) in 38 states will close beginning 7 April as part of the agency's sequestration implementation plan. The states most impacted will be Florida (14 closures), Texas (12 closures), and California (11 closures).

An additional 24 FCTs will remain open because the FAA determined that their closing would have a negative impact on the national interest.

Today's Featured Map illustrates the 149 FCTs that are planned for closure (red) and 23 of the 24 FCTs which will remain open (green). Kalaeloa Airport, also known as John Rodgers Field and previously NAS/CGAS Barbers Point, in Kapolei, Hawaii, will remain open and is not shown.

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