Featured Map for 3 June 2012:
AIP Dominican Republic

Improving the Great Circle Mapper's airport database is a continual effort. Where possible, information from a country's Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) is used. For many reasons, this isn't as easy as it seems. AIPs may only be available on paper or in electronic forms which must be manually transcribed. Some countries only provide AIP data for a substantial fee, while others use copyright restrictions to proscribe inclusion of the data in free databases. In some cases, validation of AIP data reveals inaccuracies which make it unusable. Sometimes, AIP data for a country may not be available and then may appear on the Web when one isn't looking.

A few days ago, researching missing data for an airport in the Dominican Republic led to AIP Dominican Republic and data for 17 airports. 12 of these previously had unknown locations and another three only had low-resolution location data. Today's Featured Map shows these 17 airports, which now have accurate locations thanks to the government of the Dominican Republic.

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