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Allegiant From Hawaii

On 15 May, Allegiant Air, a low-fare carrier based in Las Vegas, announced flights from the mainland to Hawaii, with service starting in mid-November. While the bulk of Allegiant's fleet consists of DC-9-80/MD-80 series aircraft, Allegiant announcd plans to purchase six Boeing 757 aircraft on 5 March 2010. Since delivery of the first two, Allegiant has been flying 757s within the continental United States in order to gain experience necessary for the ETOPS regulatory approval required to fly twin-engined aircraft to/from Hawaii.

Allegiant's strategy is to offer sub-weekly service to leisure destinations from smaller airports which cannot support more frequent service, and the new Hawaii markets follow this pattern. Contrary to major US carriers which quickly turn aircraft back to the mainland from Hawaii, Allegiant's flights are scheduled such that they spend little time on the mainland and have maintenance layovers in Hawaii.

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