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Twelve years ago, my wife and I landed in Paris after an overnight flight on United 960 from San Francisco. We had gotten engaged a little before midnight, somewhere over Hudson Bay.

"Our" plane was N791UA (SN 26933 / LN 93), a Boeing 777-222ER. Wondering what it was doing today, I tracked it on FlightAware and found that it was just about to land in Tokyo as this was written, having flown to Los Angeles in the morning after spending the previous night in San Francisco. Over the past fortnight it has visited 11 cities on four continents plus the Middle East, operating flights as short as 182 nm (São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro and return, twice), and as long as 6,142 nm (Washington to Dubai), a tribute to the versatility of the aircraft.

Today's Featured Map shows these recent exploits of N791UA, plus its next three planned flights (NRT-HNL-NRT-SEA, in green).

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