Featured Map for 31 January 2012:
Southwest Keeps 22 AirTran Airports


On 20 January 2012 Southwest Airlines announced that operations by AirTran Airways, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Southwest, would continue at 22 airports which are not already served by Southwest and would eventually be converted to service by Southwest.

Southwest also reiterated that previously announced AirTran service to México City (starting 24 May 2012) and to San José del Cabo (starting 3 June 2012) would convert to Southwest Airlines service over time.

Southwest announced that AirTran service to six cities (Allentown, Lexington, Harrisburg, Sarasota, Huntsville, and White Plains) would terminate effective 12 August 2012. AirTran service to Dallas/Fort Worth ended in November and Southwest had previously announced termination of service to eight other cities served by AirTran (Miami, Knoxville, Asheville, Atlantic City, Bloomington/Normal, Moline, Charleston, and Newport News) would be terminated without transitioning to Southwest service.

Today's Featured Map shows the 22 AirTran airports while will convert to Southwest service (canyon orange), the new service to México (AirTran blue), and the airports which will lose AirTran service without being converted to Southwest (black).

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