Featured Map: In Memory of Charles Kimes and Tyler Osrow (12 April 2011)

The Great Circle Mapper's second Featured Map explored refueling options for an airlift of relief supplies to Haiti using a Grumman Albatross operated by SeaPlane Operatons, LLC partners Charles "Chuck" Kimes and Ray Wolfe. Sadly, while departing Al Ain International Airport on 27 February 2011 in a Grumman Goose, Chuck and fellow pilot Tyler Osrow were killed along with two employees of the company which owned the aircraft, Landon Studer and Joshua Hucklebridge.

Today's Featured Map is from Chuck's last email to Ray, illustrating their planned 12-segment trip to Addison Airport in Dallas.

Ad revenues from this map will be donated to Vegas Skate Outreach as requested by their families.

In Memory of Charles Kimes and Tyler Osrow

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