Featured Map: United 767-300 "Domestic" to Perú (17 February 2011)

Starting today, Continental flights to Lima, Perú from Continental's Houston hub will be operated by United using two-class 767-300 aircraft with 244 seats (34 United First, 210 economy), replacing smaller Continental 757-200 aircraft with 175 seats (16 Business First, 159 economy). This change was announced on 20 November 2010 via a GDS update and is the first example of the carriers taking advantage of their merger to adjust an international flight.

United operates Boeing 767-322ER aircraft in two configurations. 21 are in three-class configurations are used on international routes. (United had 23 but two left the fleet during bankruptcy.) The other 14 are in a two-class configuration were were acquired for Hawaii and other domestic routes. The new service is the first time these "domestic" aircraft have been scheduled on an international route.

Since United had not previously flown the 767-300 to Houston, the flight originates in San Francisco and is scheduled as follows:

UA 845 SFO8:36 am IAH2:16 pm effective 17 Feb 2011
UA 845 IAH3:50 pm LIM11:25 pm effective 17 Feb 2011
UA 855 LIM12:50 am IAH6:25 am effective 18 Feb 2011
UA 855 IAH9:00 am SFO11:17 am effective 18 Feb 2011

The first officer on today's innaugural SFO-IAH trip is a friend and Featured Map contributor. United arranged to operated the flight with the first domestic 767-300 in the new livery, N673UA. I happened to see this aircraft at SFO last Friday night while returning from a business trip and was curious about where it had been since then. Today's featured map plots the travels of N673UA from last Saturday morning through it's return from Perú tomorrow. (For the curious, N18119 was the last Continental 757-200 to fly the route.)

United 767-300

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