Featured Map: Air France 447 Search to Resume (5 February 2011)

Yesterday, the French Bureau d'Enquêtes et d'Analyses (BEA) announced a fourth phase of the search for wreckage from Air France 447, which crashed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on 1 June 2009, killing all 216 passengers and 12 crew.

Today's featured map shows the great circle track from Rio de Janeiro to Paris centered on the last known position of AF 447 from ACARS reports, plus the INTOL waypoint whece AF 447 last radioed its position and the TASIL waypoint where AF 447 was to enter airspace controlled by Senegal. ETOPS contours at 120- and 180-minute rule times are also shown, illustrating the relatively remote location of the crash.

Air France 447 Search to Resume

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