Featured Maps: Qantas Does Dallas (14 January 2011)

Yesterday, Qantas announced that it will launch direct service from its hub in Sydney to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, the largest hub of oneworld partner American Airlines. Return flights will stop in Brisbane.

The announcements say Qantas plans to fly the route four times weekly using Boeing 747-400 aircraft, which Boeing advertises as having a maximum range of 7,260 nautical miles. SYD-DFW is 7,454 nautical miles so Qantas will probably use the longer range 747-400ER (of which they have six) which has an advertised range of 7,670 nautical miles. Even so, the stop in Brisbane will be required on the return flight, presumably due to headwinds.

When ploting a non-stop flight followed by one between the same two points with intervening stops, the Great Circle Mapper reports the percentage increase in distance compared to the non-stop path. Click on today's map to see the distance added by the Brisbane stop.

Qantas Does Dallas

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