Featured Maps: Gonna Go To Borneo (13 December 2010)

Christmas is a special season for children, so today's map is for them. It's also for a certain children's-librarian-to-be, who just reached the halfway point in her Masters Degree program and was also appointed to the board of our local public library.

When our daughter was in pre-school, we discovered the music of Tom Chapin, who when his children were young quickly tired of hearing often-insipid children's music over and over again, and decided to do something about it by creating children's music that parents would enjoy. One of our favorites, usually played at the start of family driving trips, is "Gonna Go To Borneo." It's a story of a journey from Buffalo to Borneo. It's better to listen to the song (go buy the CD if you have any kids in your life, or maybe even if you don't) but here are the lyrics, and of course the map.

Gonna Go To Borneo

I've got a friend, his name is Joe, He always needs some place to go. I called him up, you wanna play? "No, you and I are going away. Today's the day," says my friend Joe, "We're gonna go to Borneo!"

We got on our bikes in Buffalo, Borneo, Borneo. And pedaled west through Ohio, Borneo, Borneo. In Chicago we had a snack and I said,"Joe, I'm turning back." "Don't give up," says my friend Joe, "We're on our way to Borneo!"

When we hit Colorado, Joe called his Uncle Otto. "There's rugged country up ahead." Borneo, Borneo. "You'll have to take my dogs and sled." Borneo, Borneo. We climbed the Rockies cold and steep, It began to snow and the snow grew deep. Through chattering teeth I pleaded, "J-J-Joe!" Back on the wind came, "Borne-orne-orneo, by dog and sled to Borneo!"

When we got to Reno, Joe called his Uncle Dino. Dino came in his Cadillac, Borneo, Borneo. "Here's the keys, boys, bring it back." Borneo, Borneo. And as we sped through Donner Pass I feared that we'd run out of gas. "Will you relax," says my friend Joe, "it's cruise control to Borne-orne-orneo, by Cadillac to Borneo!

We came upon an ocean, but Joe showed no emotion He just called up his Great-aunt Jane. Borneo, Borneo. "I'll drop you at Tokyo in my plane." Borneo, Borneo. When Joe put on his parachute I closed my eyes and followed suit. "Just pull the rip cord ..." hollered Joe, "And put your faith in Borneo!"

The winds blew up and Joe and me Flew out across the China Sea. I thought the two of us were sunk 'Til we landed on a Chinese Junk. The captain asked me, "Where to, please? And I said, "I don't speak Chinese." "We're heading south" says my friend Joe, The Captain smiled, "Ah, Borne-orne-orneo, By Chinese Junk to Borneo!"

Our destination was in reach, Borneo, Borneo. The emerald surf, the diamond beach. Borneo, Borneo. Joe looked at me. I looked at Joe, "Wow, here we are in Borneo!" He stretched out in the setting sun And said to me, "Our day is done." "Not so fast ..." I says to Joe, "we're going back to Buffal-uffal-uffalo, We're going home to Buffalo. It's fun to travel, fun to roam And twice as much fun going home!" Tomorrow morning me and Joe Will find some other place to go.

by Michael Mark & Tom Chapin Copyright © 1996 HCD Music & The Last Music Co. (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.

Gonna Go To Borneo

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