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China Clipper 75th Anniversary


China Clipper 75th Anniversary 75 years ago Pan American Airways' first trans-Pacific flight arrived in Manila, completing ahead of schedule a journey that had required four intermediate stops and 57 hours and 47 minutes of flying from its start at Alameda on San Francisco Bay. A crew of seven had flown China Clipper (registration NC14716), the first of three Martin M-130 flying boats purchased by Pan Am, on the historic journey. Plans to extend the route to Canton, using the port at Macao, had to be deferred when Pan Am was unable to secure landing rights from China.

PortLocal Time
San Francisco BayLv.4:15 pm22 Nov (Fri)
HonoluluAr.10:19 am23 Nov (Sat)21:04
Lv.6:35 am24 Nov (Sun)
MidwayAr.2:01 pm24 Nov (Sun)8:26
Lv.6:12 am25 Nov (Mon)
Wake IslandAr.1:40 pm26 Nov (Tue)8:28
Lv.5:54 am27 Nov (Wed)
GuamAr.1:05 pm27 Nov (Wed)10:11
Lv.6:12 am29 Nov (Fri)
ManilaAr.3:50 pm29 Nov (Fri)11:38

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