Featured Maps: Uncontained Engined Failures (8 November 2010)

Last week's uncontained engine failure of a Rolls-Royce Trent 892 engine on an Airbus A380 operating Qantas Airways flight 32 SIN-SYD has led to an assortment of comments in the press about the rarity of such events. While uncommon, uncontained engine failures do occur more frequentlty than one might expect. In letters A-98-125 and -126, dated 3 December 1998, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) cited (in footnote 17) the following numbers of uncontained low-pressure turbine (LPT) failures:

Those statistics don't include Rolls-Royce engines nor do they include high-pressure turbine (HPT) or compressor or fan portions of engines.

Combing personal correspondence easily produced a list (hardly comprehensive) of uncontained failures of engines from various manufacturers, which form today's featured map:

Date Flight Location Aircraft Engine Reg
3 Nov 1973 NA 27 IAH-LAS near Albuquerque DC-10-10 CF6-6K N60NA
Featured Map: Decompression Defenestration
19 Jul 1989 UA 232 DEN-ORD near Sioux City DC-10-10 CF6-6D N1819U
9 Jun 1995 ValuJet 597 ATL- Atlanta DC-9-32 JT8D-7B N908VJ
24 Jan 1996 AA 1745 PHL-SJU Philadelphia A300B4-605R CF6-80C2A5
7 Jul 1996 DL 1288 PNS-ATL Pensacola MD-88 JT8D-219 N927DA
7 Sep 1997 CP 30 PEK-YVR Beijing 767-300ER CF6-80C2B6F
22 Sep 2000 US ground test Philadelphia 767-2B7ER CF6-80C2B2 N654US
6 Mar 2001 FedEx Boston DC-10-10 CF6-6D N375FE
19 Oct 2002 UA 185 BOS-SFO Boston 767-222 JT9D-7R4D N607UA
8 Dec 2002 NZ 132 BNE-AKL Brisbane 767-219ER CF6-80A ZK-NBC
5 Oct 2003 EDW 565 MIA-ZRH Miami A330-243 Trent 772B-60 HB-IQZ
2 Jun 2006 AA ground test Los Angeles 767-223ER CF6-80A2 N330AA
4 Jul 2008 SA ferry JED-CGK Jeddah 747-306 CF6-50E2 HS-VAC
NTSB id ENG08IA030
NTSB letters A-10-098 through -101
26 Mar 2009 Arrow Air 431 MAO-BOG Manaus DC-10-30F CF6 N526MD
FlightGlobal: PICTURE: Arrow Cargo DC-10 sheds large engine parts over Manaus
Aviation Herald: Accident: Arrow Cargo DC10 at Manaus on Mar 26th 2009, dropped parts of engine on houses
NTSB letters A-10-098 through -101
2 Aug 2010 Rolls-Royce ground test Derby - Trent 1000
FlightGlobal: FAA confirms Trent 1000 failure was uncontained
AvWeek: Oil Fire Suspected In Trent 1000 Failure
30 Aug 2010 QF 74 SFO-SYD San Francisco 747-438 RB.211-524G/H-T VH-OJP
ATSB: Uncontained engine failure and air turn-back Near San Francisco Airport, USA 30 August 2010
4 Nov 2010 QF 32 SIN-SYD Singapore A380-842 Trent 892 VH-OQA
ATSB: Qantas Airbus A380 inflight engine failure

selected uncontained engine failures


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