Featured Maps: 3 Years Plus 1 Day of A380 Service (26 October 2010)

Yesterday marked the third anniversary of the first revenue service of the Airbus A380, Singapore Airlines flight 380 from Singapore to Sydney. That flight was operated by A380-841 SN 3, registered 9V-SKA.

Today, five airlines operate 37 A380s to 20 cities around the world. The first map below shows the current A380 routes flown by Singapore Airlines, the first A380 operator (purple), and Emirates, the largest A380 operator (red). Emirates will add another A380 route next month with the addition of non-stop service from Dubai to New York.

A380 service: Emirates and Singapore

The second map shows A380 routes currently flown by Qantas (red), Air France (blue), and Lufthansa (gold). For a brief time, Air France also flew the A380 between Paris and London.

A380 service: Lufthansa, Air France, and Qantas

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