Featured Map for 15 September 2010:
Allegiant Air at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport

Allegiant Air is a low-fare carrier based in Las Vegas which provides service in leisure markets within the US. Many airports served by Allegiant have little or no other scheduled service in large jets, and routes are often flown less than daily, some as little as twice weekly.

Allegiant's active fleet consists of 39 DC-9-81/82/83 ("MD-81/82/83") aircraft, six examples of the MD-88 (essentially a DC-9-82 with a modernized cockpit), and three short-fuselage MD-87 variants of the MD-80 series. In February, Allegiant also announced an agreement to purchase six Boeing 757-200s for flights to Hawaii; two of these aircraft have been delivered and are flying proving runs in order to achieve the 180-minute ETOPS atings needed for flights to Hawaii from North America.

One of Allegiant's hubs is at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, previously known as Williams Gateway Airport and located approximately 19 nautical miles southeast of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. This week, Allegiant announced new routes from this hub to Moline (Quad Cities), Illinois and to Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport in Fayetteville. Today's map shows Allegiant's flights from Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport plus these new routes.

Allegiant Air routes from Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport


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