Featured Maps: Crash of Conviasa Flight 2350 (14 September 2010)

Yesterday morning, Conviasa flight 2350 crashed at 9:59 am local time after a domestic flight from Del Caribe "General Santiago Mariño" International Airport, near Porlamar on the Caribbean resort island of Margarita, to General Manuel Carlos Piar Guayana Airport, which serves Puerto Ordaz and Ciudad Guayana in eastern Venezuela. The aircraft crashed in an industrial area about 6 nm from the destination airport after the pilots reported control problems.

15 fatalities were reported amongst the 43 passengers and four crew on board the flight. (Early reports said there were 14 fatalities.)

The accident aircraft was an ATR-42-320 registered YV-1010 (SN 371) which first flew on 7 February 1994.

path of Conviasa flight 2350

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