Featured Maps: Horizon Air CRJ-700 and Q400 Routes Over 500 Miles (18 June 2010)

Horizon Air (IATA code QX/QXE) currently operates a fleet consisting of 40 Bombardier Q400 and 17 Bombardier CRJ-700 aircraft. Horizon Air announced on Wednesday that it will be cutting some routes and leasing out four CRJ-700 aircraft as part of a longer-term goal of eliminating the CRJ-700 in favor of an all-Q400 fleet. Brett Snyder, better known as The Cranky Flier, compared Horizon Air's CRJ-700 routes with routes over 500 miles flown with the Q400. His analysis revealed that most of this longer Q400 flying is from California while the CRJ-700 flying is largely from the Pacific Northwest hubs in Portland and Seattle.

Today's featured map illustrates the domestic portion of this network. In addition, Horizon operates the CRJ-700 on international flights from Seattle to Edmonton and from Los Angeles to Baja California destinations La Paz and Loreto.

Horizon Air CRJ-700 and Q400 routes over 500 miles

Many thanks to Brett for contributing the research for this featured map.


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