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Intercontinental Flights


Intercontinental air travel usually conjures images of flying large jets for hours over vast stretches of ocean or sparsely-populated areas of central Asia. A 30-minute helicopter flight does not fit the image, but that describes scheduled intercontinental service from the Spanish autonomous city of Ceuta in North Africa across the Strait of Gibraltar to Europe and Costa del Sol Airport in Málaga, the fourth busiest airport in Spain.

As short as that seems, it's four times as far as the shortest intercontinental flight from Ceuta, which would be an international flight to Gibraltar. That route has no scheduled service, however.

Ceuta to Málaga (and Gibraltar)

A better-known example of such an easy intercontinental journey is in Istanbul. There, an intercontinental flight within the same city is possible, from Atatürk/Yesilköy International Airport in Europe to Sabiha Gökçen International Airport in Asia, but unlike the trip from Ceuta to Europe that trip can also be accomplished easily via automobile or even on foot. It's also farther than Ceuta to Gibraltar!


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