Featured Maps: M8.8 Earthquake off Chile (28 February 2010)

The Magnitude 8.8 off the Chilean coast on 28 February 2010 had a significant impact on aviation: airports in Chile were closed and inbound flights diverted or turned back to their origin. Chile has eight international airports which can be found by searching for "International Chile". This map shows where these airports are located relative to the epicenter of the earthquake, omitting Mataveri International Airport on Isla de Pascua (perhaps better known as Easter Island):

M8.8 earthquake epicenter and international airports

Airports in Hawaii were closed as the resulting tsunami was expected about 14 hours after the earthquake. Later, the tsunami was expected to reach Japan. It's useful to show this propagation using a map centered on the epicenter. The orthographic projection, which depicts Earth as seen from far out in space, has the most natural appearance but the Pacific is a BIG ocean and even Hawaii is off this map, so the azimuthal equidistant projection is the best choice:

Range of tsunami

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