Featured Maps: Packing A Canon's Recent Trips (20 February 2010)

Packing A Canon is a blog about Brian's travels. Brian has used the Great Circle Mapper for a long time but just discovered the new site and has been having fun using some of the new features in mapping his travels. Here are a few samples from the blog.

The first map shows his last trip, using varying colors and path widths to differentiate each part of the trip. (Click on the map to see how it was generated.)

Packing A Canon: Latest Trip
19,080 miles

The next map documents Brian's 2009 travels:

Packing A Canon: 2009
Green = round trip | Red = single leg | Blue = 11 round trips

This map uses colors and path widths to show often Brian flew each path. With the map getting a little crowded he switched from city names to IATA codes and reduced the font size.

More maps, showing past years' travels, can be found on the Where Have You Been? page of Packing A Canon. Maybe they'll inspire you to map out your own travels.


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