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From To Initial
Total: 30,619 mi
Average: 2,784 mi
11 segment path:
SFO (3737'08"N 12222'31"W) MSP (4452'55"N 9313'18"W) 062062.4(NE) 049048.9(NE) 1,589 mi
MSP (4452'55"N 9313'18"W) ATL (3338'12"N 8425'40"W) 146145.8(SE) 146145.6(SE) 907 mi
ATL (3338'12"N 8425'40"W) AMS (5218'31"N 445'50"E) 043043.1(NE) 048048.2(NE) 4,401 mi
AMS (5218'31"N 445'50"E) SVO (5558'21"N 3724'47"E) 066066.1(NE) 065065.0(NE) 1,337 mi
SVO (5558'21"N 3724'47"E) FCO (4148'16"N 1215'03"E) 240239.7(SW) 228228.5(SW) 1,493 mi
FCO (4148'16"N 1215'03"E) DEL (2834'07"N 7706'44"E) 082082.2(E) 079079.2(E) 3,694 mi
DEL (2834'07"N 7706'44"E) CDG (4900'35"N 232'52"E) 312312.4(NW) 311311.2(NW) 4,088 mi
CDG (4900'35"N 232'52"E) SHA (3112'N 12120'E) 049049.0(NE) 048048.3(NE) 5,752 mi
SHA (3112'N 12120'E) NRT (3545'55"N 14023'08"E) 069068.9(E) 075074.8(E) 1,143 mi
NRT (3545'55"N 14023'08"E) HNL (2119'04"N 15755'13"W) 087087.4(E) 095094.8(E) 3,819 mi
HNL (2119'04"N 15755'13"W) SFO (3737'08"N 12222'31"W) 054054.1(NE) 045044.7(NE) 2,399 mi
30,619 mi

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