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Total: 68,706 km
Average: 3,272 km
21 segment path:
HEL (60°19'02"N 24°57'48"E) DOH (25°16'23"N 51°36'29"E) 140140.4°(SE) 130130.3°(SE) 4,396 km
DOH (25°16'23"N 51°36'29"E) CMB (7°10'49"N 79°53'07"E) 119118.8°(SE) 116116.1°(SE) 3,611 km
CMB (7°10'49"N 79°53'07"E) DOH (25°16'23"N 51°36'29"E) 307306.9°(NW) 309309.0°(NW) 3,611 km
DOH (25°16'23"N 51°36'29"E) HEL (60°19'02"N 24°57'48"E) 340339.5°(N) 337336.8°(NW) 4,396 km
HEL (60°19'02"N 24°57'48"E) DXB (25°15'10"N 55°21'52"E) 135135.5°(SE) 125125.4°(SE) 4,537 km
DXB (25°15'10"N 55°21'52"E) HEL (60°19'02"N 24°57'48"E) 337337.4°(NW) 335335.1°(NW) 4,537 km
HEL (60°19'02"N 24°57'48"E) JYV (62°23'58"N 25°40'42"E) 009009.0°(N) 359359.0°(N) 235 km
JYV (62°23'58"N 25°40'42"E) CHQ (35°31'54"N 24°08'59"E) 183182.8°(S) 172171.7°(S) 2,990 km
CHQ (35°31'54"N 24°08'59"E) HEL (60°19'02"N 24°57'48"E) 001001.0°(N) 356356.1°(N) 2,756 km
HEL (60°19'02"N 24°57'48"E) FRA (50°02'00"N 8°34'14"E) 229229.4°(SW) 219219.3°(SW) 1,541 km
FRA (50°02'00"N 8°34'14"E) AGP (36°40'30"N 4°29'57"W) 220220.2°(SW) 217216.9°(SW) 1,818 km
AGP (36°40'30"N 4°29'57"W) MUC (48°21'14"N 11°47'10"E) 041040.6°(NE) 041040.6°(NE) 1,857 km
MUC (48°21'14"N 11°47'10"E) HEL (60°19'02"N 24°57'48"E) 028027.5°(NE) 023023.5°(NE) 1,577 km
HEL (60°19'02"N 24°57'48"E) JFK (40°38'24"N 73°46'43"W) 299299.4°(NW) 289289.4°(W) 6,626 km
JFK (40°38'24"N 73°46'43"W) HEL (60°19'02"N 24°57'48"E) 035034.7°(NE) 047047.4°(NE) 6,626 km
HEL (60°19'02"N 24°57'48"E) ZRH (47°27'53"N 8°32'57"E) 224224.0°(SW) 214213.9°(SW) 1,781 km
ZRH (47°27'53"N 8°32'57"E) HEL (60°19'02"N 24°57'48"E) 031030.6°(NE) 027027.3°(NE) 1,781 km
HEL (60°19'02"N 24°57'48"E) MLA (35°51'27"N 14°28'39"E) 200200.2°(S) 190190.1°(S) 2,822 km
MLA (35°51'27"N 14°28'39"E) HEL (60°19'02"N 24°57'48"E) 012012.2°(N) 009008.5°(N) 2,822 km
HEL (60°19'02"N 24°57'48"E) AGA (30°19'21"N 9°24'41"W) 233233.0°(SW) 223222.9°(SW) 4,193 km
AGA (30°19'21"N 9°24'41"W) HEL (60°19'02"N 24°57'48"E) 027027.3°(NE) 029028.9°(NE) 4,193 km
68,706 km

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